Hotel Photography

Recently, I was called back to shoot for a Best Western property that has recently been converted to a Best Western Premier.

This must be the 5th, or 6th time I've worked with them. Each shoot gets better and better! Our working relationship is just so easy.

On my most recent shoot, we had to get 30 shots of various locations throughout the hotel completed in one day.  Needless to say, I was stressed out!  How was I to do that?!  

Now, I know most photographers would look at that and say, "HOW?". "How could you possibly get that many shots done in a day?"  Well, we were able to complete this task only because of their amazing staff.  They had a small army of employees assisting strictly for this project so it to be completed within the desired time period.  They had pretty much mapped out everything they wanted when I arrived, so all I had to do was pick up my equipment and move to the next location and fire through the process. 

I use a pretty simple setup with a 15inch MacBook Pro tethered to my Nikon D810.  I use CaptureOne Pro for my tethered software as well. 

Behind the scenes of the shoot with Best Western Premier

Behind the scenes of the shoot with Best Western Premier

One of the locations was located in a large ball room that had been fully set up for a gorgeous wedding.  There, I ran around popping flashes in various places to build the shot.  We then headed off to another location within the hotel that had been set up and ready to go for us to shoot.  We finished shooting there and returned back to the ballroom, where we had previously shoot the mock wedding setup, and the entire room had been converted to a corporate business function set up.  

All I had to do was just walk in, set up and go!

Twelve hours later I was packing up my gear, exhausted and more than ready to call it a day.  It took a couple weeks of editing, but I was able to complete the photos and send them off.  I have worked with this hotel since this shoot and was told that there is more on the way.

So far, this year has been my best year to date as a photographer.  I see and feel the growth in my work and the inspiration i get on a daily basis is just awesome!   I'm excited to see what the future holds in my photography career!

Best Western Premier Terrace Room

Best Western Premier Terrace Room