Continue to Learn

In one week I will be traveling to Scottsdale Arizona for an architectural photography workshop with Tony Roslund.  Tony is a Architectural/Product/Food photographer based out of Spokane Washington.  

To be honest, I had some doubts about spending the money to go to this workshop since the economy in Alberta is in the toilet and businesses aren't spending money like they were.     Ultimately, I decided to go ahead and book it any way as sharpening my skills can only create opportunity that otherwise might not have been there.

As time is ticking down and the workshop is getting closer, I am getting super excited!  Tony has been updating us on what's going to happen at the workshop, as well as any new sponsors that keep signing on.  A few Facebook messages back and forth from some of the people that will be there seem to indicate that a healthy amount of booze will be consumed at the wrap up party.    I'm really psyched about the inspiration that will come from this experience, and the tricks I will learn on this journey!  

As for when I get back, I will be pushing some new marketing material to try and drum up new clients.  I'm sure the new techniques that I will learn from this workshop will really help lock in some new business.