Contagious Selflessness

About six months ago I donated a picture that I had created to a Rotary auction after attending a workshop in San Francisco .  The particular cause that they were supporting was for families that have children with Tourettes Syndrome. The money raised helps families be able to send their children to camps and participate in all sorts of other activities. Also the money goes towards bringing in specialists to help teachers learn how to teach kids with Tourettes Syndrome which is really cool!

I finally connected with the gentlemen that hosted that workshop, Erik Almas. The subject of the email I sent was "Ripple Effect". I relayed the story of donating the picture I made from his workshop, to which at first he responded with only two sentences.  

"And it's your ripple by the way. This did not start with me..."

I was speechless...  I never thought about how it was my ripple.  I always thought about how it was his ripple because he put on that event, and that's how I was able to make the picture to be auctioned.   

He ended up writing me again at the end of that same day with a more in depth response.  I guess the ripple started with someone that he knew helping him with life and business endeavours, so this is the ripple he sent to me. He thanked me for sharing that story and that it actually made his day!  (Yup! Your's truly making peoples day! ha ha look at me go!)  

One thing he touched on was selflessness being contagious, which can be so true.  The feeling of satisfaction I got from donating, and better yet that the item did amazingly well is incredible!

So I am committing myself to doing this every year for sure weather it comes from attending a workshop or not.  I hope someday someone tells me about a ripple I've passed on!

GO check out Eriks work, you will be mesmerized by the mastermind!